Social Responsibility

EMPLOYEE CARE——Donated Jiangshan Jasan Kindergarten (total investment: 20 million yuan)

Jasan Group donated 20 million yuan to the Education Bureau of Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province to build Jiangshan Jasan Kindergarten, which not only contributes its responsibility and strength to the basic education of children in Jiangshan, but also enables employees' children of Jasan to go to school nearby and work in the company.

The kindergarten was completed in the first half of 2019 and officially opened for enrollment on September 1 of the same year, and was officially transferred to the administration of Jiangshan Education Bureau of Zhejiang Province。

EMPLOYEE CARE——“Warm home, happy enterprise”

Kinsheng Group is committed to caring for employees, building a "warm home and happy enterprise", ensuring the basic physiological needs of employees, and ensuring the complete facilities of clothing, food and housing for employees; Provide more recreational and sports facilities to meet the needs of employees in leisure time; Encourage employees to push themselves and meet their needs for success and full potential; Construct the core of "people-oriented" corporate culture from humanistic care to individual respect.

In the past five years, Gensheng has donated 18 million yuan

In the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic, Gensen staff purchased millions of epidemic prevention materials and donated to the most affected areas and customers at home and abroad. We are believers in love, and our love is always on the way to spreading……

Fertile soil for talents - enterprises want to develop, talents as the leader.

Enterprises want to develop, talents as the forerunner. In order to meet the needs of transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of Gensheng, the company has formulated a talent fertile soil plan of "focusing on school-enterprise cooperation training, supplemented by social recruitment". The program helps self-reliant poor college students complete their studies, provides more work-study internship and graduation two-way job opportunities, and cultivates more talents for society and enterprises.

Donated 13 Million RMB to establish JASAN Education Funds in Zhejiang Sci-tech University.

Donated 10 Million RMB to establish JASAN Education Funds in Beijing Technology and Business University.

Donated 3 Million RMB to establish JASAN Education Funds in Hunan Institute of Engineering.

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